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look for the girl with the sun in her eyes;

and she's gone

[Featherine the Drama Queen]
I'm Flight. I absolutely adore music and dancing; my favorite styles of dance include ballet, traditional Chinese, and bellydancing. My favorite music styles are instrumentals, J-pop, J-Rock, and C-Pop.
I'm also a full-time geek. My hobbies include reading (yes, that includes comic books), writing, drawing, and gaming (tabletop or otherwise).

Currently, I roleplay as The Eleventh Doctor (shout_geronimo, NiGHTS (eternitydreamer), Yorda (nonomoribird) and Alice (vorpalrising) at paixaorpg.

I formerly played Lara Croft (livingalegend), Knuckles (knuckle_headed), Refia (of_affection), Kid (timestealer), Captain Amelia (felinefelicity) and Otogi Ryuuji (dangeraddicted; also formerly of hinamizawa) at paixaorpg. Outsider!Knuckles (guardaxiomatic) at inmediasres_rpg, Leo (knightmystere) of "thedollsyhouse, Seiji Date (lightningeyed) of ingen_rpg) and Jean (gypsy_hearted) of twinleaftown, as well as Ash (jealousequation, also formerly of jigoku_apts) and Aerith (gentle_ribbon) of therepoman are also former muses of mine, along with Minato Arisato (teloschain) and Thief King Bakura (hauntedcrown) at xi_rpg)

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